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"Reiki Bamboo Charcoal" is the high quality bamboo charcoal elaborately
made by earthen kiln with Japanese traditional charcoal making method.

As its Japanese product name "Shofuku (bringing good luck)" explains,
Reiki Bamboo Charcoal is the time-honored Japanese traditional healing item
that helps people to open their own way for good luck.

In Japan, people believes, from ancient times, that a certain intangible, subtle energy exists in the Nature,
which makes people as well as any living matter healthier and happier. That energy is called as "reiki (θ˟†)".

Today, one of the traditional methods to exploit this energy is known as "Usui Reiki Method",
and is practiced by more than five million people all over the world.

For example, you will feel better and relaxed when you walk in the forest because of fresh air,
negative ions and higher level of energy that exists at the place.

This means that the forest is filled with beneficial energy.

In contrast, modernized societies allow us to live in a world of convenience.
In turn, we are suffering from air pollution, increased stress, electromagnetic emission
from electrical appliances, and lower level of energy at any place.

"Reiki Bamboo Charcoal" absorbs harmful substance, unpleasant smell and positive ions in the air,
and adjusts the humidity of its surrounding space.

Moreover, Reiki Bamboo Charcoal has its unique and significant feature - improving the energy level of the place.

Reiki Bamboo Charcoal creates a healing space that compares with the forest. That is the key attraction.

This energy device provides substantial help to you
when you need to create your own space filled with Reiki energy and higher vibration.

This highest quality Reiki Bamboo Charcoal is now being used more extensively in Europe and more notably in France.


The special quality and energetic effect make it a very good supporting tool for the Reiki Healer,
other energy workers as well as for the well-being of their clients.